The tennis lessons at our tennis club are given by 'Tennisschool Jan de Rook'.

Our qualified trainers provide individual as well as group trainings suitable for all player levels (from beginners up to advanced tennis players) and players of all ages.

Adults; private or group lessons

For adults there are lessons for 1, 2 or 4 individual(s).Adults can participate in private lessons, which means one-on-one training and advice by one of our tennis trainers (either 25 or 50 minutes).

There is also the possibility of training in a group (4 people, 60 minutes) or having duo lessons (2 people, 50 minutes).


Youth (younger than 18)

Having fun and acquiring a good foundation of the tennis basics are the most important things we teach our children during the tennis lessons. If a young tennis player aspires to play at a higher level, there are possibilities to train more often in cooperation with Solid Tennis Academy (a partner of our school, specializing in training talented youngsters).

Children up to 12 years old train in groups of 8. All players younger than 18 have to be members of the tennis club.


Periods and prices

Start Summer courses: April 1
Start Winter courses: September 29

Visit this link for the current prices, actual dates and to book your lessons.

  • Mini's: 16 lessons 175 EUR (8, including membership)
  • Juniors: 16 lessons 230 EUR (8, including membership)
  • Adults: 13 lessons 230 EUR (4, membership not included)