The 'Stichting Beheer Tennispark Houtrust' was founded last April 2014. The main purpose of this foundation is to exploit Tennispark Houtrust. The foundation rents the park from the municipality of The Hague. The foundations main duties are:

  • To rent and (if possible) lease the tennis park
  • To take care of the tennis courts, the greenery and all other facilities on the park
  • To exploit the park's canteen and catering services


Tennis club Never Out Houtrust is a tenant of the foundation Stiching Beheer Tennispark Houtrust. Never Out Houtrust is the only tennis club with a license to play on the park. The foundation has the right to rent the courts to non-members, provided that there is enough room.

The board of the foundation consists of three members:

Chairman: Ronald Haanstra
Secretary: PM
Treasurer: Gijs Paping


Two out of three board members are appointed by the tennis club Never Out Houtrust and the third member is appointed by the bondholders.


View the statutes (in dutch).